Cannes Film Festival 2013: 23rd May Reactions Part 2 (‘Max Rose’, ‘Michael Kohlhaas’, ‘3x3D’)

Peter Greenaway

Peter Greenaway

The second part of today’s roundup includes turns from Jerry Lewis, Jean-Luc Godard and – my personal hero – Peter Greenaway, in addition to what appears a rather middling drama in Michael Kohlhaas, tonight’s In Competition screening. Early word from somebody who somehow saw 3x3D claims it to be the best thing at the festival. I might have dreamt that. But it’s probably true, regardless.


Rob Nelson, Variety

“Only the most undiscriminating senior audiences — or the most irrationally charitable of Lewis fans — will find much to appreciate in a would-be weepie that runs under 90 minutes but feels twice as long.”

Michal Oleszczyk, RogerEbert.com

“Less a character study than an homage to the actor playing the main role, “Max Rose” is a singular work — not really accomplished as a piece of filmmaking, but invaluable as a historical record. The narrative is suspended between the reality of mourning and the fantasy of conversing with the dead.”

David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

“The Cannes festival has done no favors to Jerry Lewis by choosing this mummified melodrama as a vehicle to honor him.”

Craig Skinner, Hey U Guys

“A disastrous return to the screen for Lewis, although the blame does not seem to really lay at his feet, but one which received a lengthy standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival.”


Ryland Aldrich, Twitch Film

My last film of is also my first walk-out. MAX ROSE’s dialog so bad it’ll be lucky for a cable tv prem. Costumes are exquisite, tho.

Tim Grierson, Paste

There’s no polite way to put it: MAX ROSE is embarrassing. Sad to see Jerry Lewis in something this amateurish.

Craig Skinner, Hey U Guys

I’m sorry Jerry Lewis fans but MAX ROSE is not a good film. Without the high profile cast i think it would struggle to get a release on DVD.

The MAX ROSE screening was a circus. Tons of photographers, video cameras and the audience going nuts when Jerry Lewis walked in

MAX ROSE (F) Corny, clunky dialogue & lifeless direction make this a real chore. Stunt casting distracts. Just awful.

Fred Topel, Crave Online

MAX ROSE is the best Jerry Lewis movie I’ve ever seen. Still need to see THE FAMILY JEWELS tho.


Geoff Andrew, Time Out London

“Unfortunately, Arnaud de Pallieres’s film succeeds neither as a decent adaptation of the book nor as a rewarding movie in its own right.”

Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

“…Michael Kohlhaas lacks the kind of filmmaking needed to prop us such a dourly straightforward narrative, and as much as the imposing Mikkelsen (The Hunt, Casino Royale) certainly looks and acts the part (and even does justice to the French dialogues), his backwoods rebel never becomes a hero—or villain—you’d gladly march behind.”

Andrew Pulver, The Guardian

“By sticking to his source, des Pallières ensures his film has substance, and he adds plenty of visual style. But it remains at a plod, when it should canter.”

Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily

“Part of the problem lies with des Pallières failing to make interesting use of Mikkelsen, who never does much more than use his steely gaze to play Kohlhaas as a Clint Eastwood avant la lettre.”

Jay Weissberg, Variety

“Though the Cannes competition berth will generate a certain interest, there’s unlikely to be much horse trading on this title, even among fest programmers.”


Geoff Andrew, Sight & Sound

Arnaud de Pallieres’ MICHAEL KOHLHAAS poor version of Kleist’s novella: flat, muddled, over-reliant on Mads Mikkelsen close-ups

John Bleasdale, Cine-Vue

Michael Kohlhaas: a sombre but compelling historical drama with a magnificent Mads Mikkelson

Xan Brooks, The Guardian

Michael Kohlhaas: so much wasted nobility. Mads Mikkelsen as resolute Job in stolid 17th-century epic. Wind gusts, pigs squeal

Mike D’Angelo, The A.V. Club

Michael Kohlhaas (Des Pallières): 54. Better than I’d heard. Certainly very…sedate, but with bursts of intensity, & Mikkelsen is superb.

Glenn Heath Jr., Press Play

MICHAEL KOHLHAAS (C-): 2nd year in a row, Mads stars in worst comp. film. Gets the festival award for loudest pig squeal.

Peter Howell, Toronto Star

MICHAEL KOHLHAAS: This year’s dire Palme comp history study, so dank and dreary even a stoic Mads Mikkelsen can’t elevate it.

David Jenkins, Little White Lies

MICHAEL KOHLHAAS (Pallieres) Promising first 30 descends into turgid rules-of-war/morality hooey. Po-faced, very dull.

Guy Lodge, Hit Fix

MICHAEL KOHLHAASZZZZZZZ (C) The annual French breeches sleeper; lots of weather in this one. Could use Tilda Swinton as Mads’ fierce lawyer.

Shaun Munro, Film School Rejects

Michael Kohlhaas – Dull as dishwater save for Mads Mikkelsen

David Neary, Next Projection

Michael Kohlhaas: Plodding medieval drama that’s gorgeous to behold despite all the mud. Well acted but the fight scenes and editing kill it

Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily

MICHAEL KOHLHAAS – stately historical Western, so laden with gravitas it never gets off the ground.

Craig Skinner, Hey U Guys

MICHAEL KOHLHAAS (C-) Mikkelsen/Lavant both great but they have little to do in this plodding, windswept period piece.

Blake Williams, Indiewire

MICHAEL KOHLHAAS (4.9): Comp slot does this no favors (a la Miike); a generally solid and technically broad epic of swords and horse births.

Adam Woodward, Little White Lies

MICHAEL KOHLHAAS: lower league Game Of Thrones seems to lose interest in itself… ❤ Mads Mikelson though


Peter Debruge, Variety

“Too narrowly targeted to generate much interest abroad, this disappointing group effort won’t travel much beyond Guimaraes, except to wrap the Critics’ Week at Cannes.”


Adam Cook, MUBI

3X3D sandwiches a Godard masterpiece in between two misguided experiments by Greenaway & Pera

Jordan Cronk, Slant

I’d like to tell you how great the Godard is but that Edgar Pera is an abortion. It’s nearly ruined my festival experience.

3X3D (Greenaway; Godard; Pera): Greenaway: beautifully fluid. B; Godard: hyperactively, addictively cinematic A-; Pera: . F.

Mike D’Angelo, The A.V. Club

3X2D (Greenaway/Godard/somebody I hope never to encounter again): &*#%!¥{. My glasses didn’t work.

Glenn Heath Jr., Press Play

3 X 3D: Greenaway (B+), Godard (B), Pera (Fuck you). I hate omnibus films, b/c there’s always a wanker. Guess who’s the wanker.

The Pera is akin to a sub-freshman film studies course taught by a schizophrenic lunatic obsessed w/ Plato and vaginal eatery.

Eric Kohn, Indiewire

I think Godard just permanently ruined my eyesight.

Neil Young, Jigsaw Lounge

without hesitation: Jean-Luc Godard’s 3D 17min short THE THREE DISASTERS is by a country mile the best thing I’ve seen at .

… when Godard is on this kind of form, he really does make most everyone else in cinema seem like a total piker.

The Immigrant (James Gray) – IN COMPETITION
Manuscripts Don’t Burn (Mohammad Rasoulof) – UN CERTAIN REGARD
My Sweet Pepper Land (Hiner Saleem) – UN CERTAIN REGARD
Only Lovers Left Alive (Jim Jarmusch) – IN COMPETITION

On the Job (Erik Matti) – DIRECTORS’ FORTNIGHT
Henri (Yolande Moreau) – DIRECTORS’ FORTNIGHT


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